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My First Skydiving Experience.

Why Skydiving? Curiosity is one. I had never done it before. I like good views of landscapes. I felt mentally and physically fit to be present in the moment. It was my co worker’s idea. We’ve made plans to go before but they didn’t go anywhere. I didn’t want to miss it this time. Where…

The Immigration Questions I was asked in the US Border.

immigration questions

Hello Dear Readers! Talking About Immigration Questions, I wanted to share some of my interactions with US border protection and US embassy to help you prepare for customs and immigration. I have gotten through every time and the experience has been good overall. I have been an Indian national the whole time. I have traveled…

Alaska – 7 day Itinerary including Denali National Park.

alaska tour

Alaska is the Pacific Northwest on steroids. 🙂 It is the Leh Ladakh of the United States! Alaska is north of Canada and as wide as the entire US if you count it’s islands. It is way bigger that Texas and  biggest state by area in the United States. If you are in the mood for…

Orcas Island Getaway!

Orcas Island

West Beach Resort – Orcas Island The San Juan Islands lie off the coast of Washington and have hundreds of islands and reefs, but only four major ones — San Juan, Lopez, Shaw, and Orcas Island— are connected to the mainland by ferry service and offer a range of lodging and activities. A group of 12…

Japan Travel: Memoirs, Quotes and Personal Reflections by two Friends!

japan travel

If you enjoyed our previous article on the United Kingdom, we have much more in store. Our favorite travel writers- Nazneen Malik and Priya Prabhu have come together to collaborate on yet another fun and informative article, this time from the land of the rising sun- Japan. Say Konichiwa to these two 🙂 Japan Travel…

Excerpts of a Rendezvous between two girls about their latest Vacation in UK!

vacation in UK

Vacation in UK Travel. That six lettered word that brings a twinkle in the eyes of many people we know. While, all this talk about travel sounds like mumbo-jumbo to a few mere mortals, to some of us, it is the light that ignites our soul, the passion that sets us free 🙂 The excitement…


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