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Metrics of Body Weight Management

The height and frame of a person is genetically determined, however, the weight is acquired by lifestyle (sedentary or strenuous) and eating habits. Our diet should be operated like a bank account. The normal Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) of a person is 35Kcal/square meter body surface/hour. Average human body has a surface area of 1.5 meters. So,…

Eat Better and Feel FITTER

Plants are “Autotrophs”, meaning, they are organisms that utilize sun’s energy to synthesize their own food.  They are also called “Producers”, since they produce their own food. They belong to the first rung/level of the food chain.   We, humans, come in the 2nd rung (herbivores) and 3rd rung (carnivores) of food chain. We procure…

Our Hiking Experience

With the weather getting warmer and the glowing sun peeking out in the mornings, many of us want to get away from home and enjoy the sun. So we did!  We made a hiking plan! We find hiking very exciting, refreshing and enjoyable as we get to see the breathtaking views and vistas on the…


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