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Do’s and Dont’s of Office Emails

Although texting and social media are very popular, emails still remain the most common form of communication at the workplace¬†and unfortunately this form of communication comes across as the most commonly abused. Here are some do’s and don’ts for different kinds of office emails:   Visibility emails It’s fun if its about you and annoying…

Tips for Writing Effective Office Emails

  Writing with Clear and Precise Subject: Since most people get a lot of emails, writing with a subject that is clear and precise will help people sort and triage them fast. Writing Help Emails: Your help email should almost always read as follows: Hello all, I am working on work item ####. I am…

The Essentials Of Office Email Etiquette

Effective email communication is highly important for career growth.¬†Companies today value communication skills and professionalism more than technical skills, even in disciplines such as Software development. For example, in a tech company, software modules interface seamlessly if their developers work by communicating and collaborating effectively. And, we rarely build standalone features right? Email skills are…


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