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The Meditation Mantra

So what is Meditation? Why is it so important? What is stopping us from doing it and how we can motivate ourselves to go for it?


Meditation is simply taking a quiet moment for yourself, letting go of your thoughts, concentrating on your breath, feeling at peace, having a sense of calm and tranquility in your mind. All of these  can be achieved by actually something as simple and fundamental as focusing on your breath while meditating.

Mediation is a solace from stress, anxiety, tension and a key to happiness and bliss. It helps us find peace and harmony within ourselves and brings us not only inner happiness but also compassion and kindness to all beings around us as well. Benefits list goes on and on!  Hence, meditation should be an integral part of our lives so we can understand the power of our breath and realize the  immense physical and mental benefits that comes with doing this.

Neither am I a buddhist monk who is apt at the art of meditation,  nor a meditation guru who knows the intricate details of this beautiful and age old technique. But I do know that the BREATH, which is the most important aspect of this technique is the very basis of our lives and this is what makes us realize that we are one with the universe and that we are connected and alive. We are so stuck in the endless pursuits of our everyday life that we completely ignore BREATH and take it for granted. We all know what will happen if we don’t breathe for a few minutes, right?

Most of us lead fast paced and stressful lives, which is full of action where we are always rushing to complete one set of chores just to find ourselves ready to get going to start with the next set. So, where do we find time to meditate?  Here is my typical day:  The first thing I do in the morning is get myself ready, get breakfast going for the family and then rush to work. With all the work obligations over, I return home just to find myself rushing again to take kids to after school activities following which will be cooking dinner, having dinner and winding down for the day. Amidst all this, I have not found a single moment to meditate or reflect on my day with some quality time to myself. Even when I do find that time, it is the same story, “I am too tired”. I am sure that most of you would resonate with what I have written above, right?

But now, after trying out meditation and experiencing its benefits, I have to say that all it takes is to make conscious efforts to make time and I can definitely incorporate it into my everyday life.  If I  can find time to do my daily chores, cook, eat, enjoy and even entertain myself  by watching T.V and surfing the net, I am sure I can find time to give myself the opportunity to relax, unwind, and rejuvenate with the simple process of doing meditation. There are so many different kinds of meditation that can be used by people for all age groups and find one that works for them. I saw a Buddhist monk on You Tube who was able to lift his body while meditating. Well,  I don’t plan on doing that yet, but I can definitely say that even if I can just quieten my mind and be with myself, tune in with my surroundings and feel the essence of myself in my breath, then I am surely on the path of saying “OM”.

And,  if I can do this, I am sure you can too!!

Author: Reema Beher


Reema is originally from Mumbai and now lives in the Greater Seattle area. After working in the Technology and Education areas, she has now started writing as she finds joy in translating her thoughts into words!  She is passionate about writing and she also loves being outdoors spending time hiking and traveling with her family.

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