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Creative, Handmade, Henna Inspired Projects!

I am professional henna artist who has been working magic with henna for over 22 years 🙂 My passion for henna started when I was 9 years old. It was one of those festival days. I went to my neighbor and requested her to make henna on my hand and she declined my request as she was too tired from the days work 🙂

My mother realized that my own artistic ability was starting to show in my drawings and paintings. She encouraged me to try henna as part of my artistic medium. I started doing henna as a hobby.  What started out as a hobby for me became a full time job!

My first contract doing bridal henna for a traditional Indian bride was a referral from a salon owner who saw my work when I was fourteen years old.  Since then I never looked back. Over the period,  I have had thousands of bridal appointments and countless clients. I am fortunate to have a client base that is spread over many countries! I started my own business, Kadambari Arts LLC,  a few years ago through which we cater to private parties and bridal henna. We also make Henna inspired designs on different objects such as candles, pillow cases, canvas etc!






Henna on a Prom Girl.

They say art is the new meditation. Henna is more than just an art form for me. It has become a part of me and with every design, my passion towards henna art only grows. Simply put, it is my stress buster.

I try to create my own signature creation with every single pattern. My feelings and instincts guide me through the creative process. Here are some of my other  projects with henna!

Henna art on candles!
Henna Design on Phone and Laptop cases!
Henna art on pillow case!
Henna inspired design on Vase!
Henna inspired design on Canvas!
Another Henna inspired design on canvas!

I have been fortunate to make the closest friends and connections through henna. I have henna art to thank for the fondest memories in my life.

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Author: Kadambari Patil

Kadambari is a professional henna artist with over two decades of experience in her bag! From Mumbai and Bangalore in India to Pittsburgh and now Seattle, Kadambari has charmed her clients with her exemplary talent and has a huge client base to vouch for her work. What sets Kadambari apart is her amazing creativity combined with her ability to connect with her clients, in a manner that they will befriend her for life. Kadambari specializes in Bridal, Indian, Arabic, tribal and modern henna body art.

4 thoughts on “Creative, Handmade, Henna Inspired Projects!

  1. Lovely designs. I’m especially amazed by your henna inspired art work. Do you sell them on a website or from a store? I would love to take a look at your collection.

    1. Hello Sheila, Thanks you so much for appreciating my art and extremely sorry for replying you late. As of now I don’t sell stuff on website or online store. If you can msg me your requirement I can send me images and give you idea, that way I can make your shopping more personalized. Call me or text me on 724-584-1926 or email me on

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