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Screen-Free Activities #36 to #38. Crystal Climbers, Making a Cater Pillar and Other Fun Activities For Kids!

Activity # 36

Crystal Climbers.

These are a kind of building blocks made out of crystals. Great for use with light table.
Improves creativity.
Builds fine motor skills.
Easy slot-together helps in building in all directions.




Activity # 37

Paper Plate Cat. 

Things required to make this:
2 paper plates
2 Googly eyes
1 button for nose
Paint of your choice.
4 tooth picks
Glue and pencil.

How to Make?
Using a pencil draw a semi circle on a big paper plate and cut.

On another paper plate draw a small circle and cut it for the cat’s face.

Make 2 triangles on the left over paper plate for cat’s ears and the cat’s tail. Ask your child to paint the required pieces.

Take the body of the cat, stick the small circle to form the cat’s face.  Stick the triangles to make ears.
Stick the tail. Set it to dry for few minutes.
Stick the googly eyes, place the button for nose and tooth picks as whiskers. Tada!! Your paper plate cat is ready.

While working with scissors adult supervision is always recommended.
Use child friendly scissors.
Let the child enjoy the activity.
Give them the independence to explore during the activity.



Activity # 38
Making of a Caterpillar.

As part of our daily schedule,  we read aloud together for minimum of 20 to 30 minutes everyday. Sometimes it’s more than that, depending on my Rockstar’s mood that day.

A couple weeks ago, we read our favorite Hungry Caterpillar and this is one book that we have lost count on how many times we have read. After a long time we opened this one and absolutely cherished our memories associated with Seattle and this book.

After we finished reading,  Rockstar comes up with this idea of making a caterpillar. We thought of many options but finalized on the below one as it was easy and less time consuming.

It’s fun, he had so much of fun while doing this activity by checking different permutations and combinations on how to place the circles.

We learnt about patterns while creating the caterpillar.

Any art and craft activity enhances creativity in the child.

Improves hand and eye co- ordination.

Improves attention span.

I hope you enjoy doing this activity with your child and create beautiful memories of spending time together.




Author: Gayathri Vamsi, Founder of Buzzing Bees

Buzzing Bees is an Afterschool Enrichment Program founded by Gayathri Vamsi. Their center is located in Bangalore. Their motto is “Paata is Aata, Aata is paata”, meaning, “Learning is like a Game and Games have a lot of Learning”

Gayathri is passionate about Kids Education and Activities that offer a constructive and effective learning environment for kids. As a mother of two young boys,  she is constantly learning different ways of creatively engaging them in activities where they learn, grow and enjoy doing that,  at the same time. She homeschooled her kids when she lived in the US. Buzzing Bees is a venture where Gayathri extends her passion to become available to the community.

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