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Exploring Creative Possibilities with Crocheting!

CROCHET is a safe, structured art form of creating fabric by interlocking loops of yarn, thread or strands of other material using a crochet hook.
The name is derived from the French term ‘crochet ‘ meaning a ‘small hook ‘.
I consider “crocheting”‘mindful hobby’ and also a great stress reliever!
The end result of your crochet project is wonderful and feels so rewarding. I was so thrilled when I made my first crochet scarf and still continue to feel thrilled every time I create something.  The possibilities of what you can make with crocheting are endless. It makes such a good gift too!!

It is an art form that helps kids tremendously in their growing years too! It helps them learn to stay focused, it increases their curiosity and improves their creativity. It gives them an opportunity to explore their creative abilities.

Some Tips that may help you to start this amazing art form if you are a newbie:

  • Start Simple.
  • Start with a Freeform Crochet where you can do multi-directional stitches by following a good       tutorial online.
  • Don’t be very particular about the patterns and the quality of the yarn and don’t set very high expectations of coming up with a great end result when you are starting because that might demotivate you to do your next one 🙂 Be happy with your initial simple product.
  • If this is something that you have started to like, the next step is to consider taking classes to start making something more substantial, for example, end products with a particular pattern, using certain color combinations and combining crochet with other art forms like Knitting!!

Some Of My Crochet Projects!

Here is what I use for my crocheting projects:



Crochet hook (long needle in the below picture)

Tapestry hand needle ( small needle in the pic below)

You can buy all these from stores like:



Ben Franklin Crafts and Frames


Here is a video of my Crochet Coaster project and the picture below shows the end product:


Crochet Coaster.


Using Crochet Coaster as a Coaster for my Vase!

Happy crocheting 🙂

Featured Image Source: Pixabay

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Author: Yogita Relan Popali

Yogita lives in Seattle, Washington. She is originally from Dhule, Maharashtra, India. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering and a M.Tech Degree in Communications Engineering. She loves Crocheting and Drawing. She is very passionate about these art forms and draws a lot of inspiration from the creative opportunities they provide. She believes that these art forms help her stay focused, lively, joyful and satisfied. She likes spending time with family and kids and loves to teach kids crocheting and other similar art forms.

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