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Let’s grow Organic!

Let’s grow Organic!

Every time we step into a store or visit a doctor we are surrounded by these terms “Go Organic”. We are filled with the importance of consuming organic food.

Enthused by the benefits of organic food, we checked out the organic section in the grocery store. But the prices were so high, that it felt like it burns holes in our pockets 🙂

This made me think, why don’t we grow our own food? Is it possible to do it?

Here are some facts I found out and then started growing organic:

Yes, it is possible to grow our own food in a the tiny space available. All that we need are the containers to hold soil. More the soil, less are the chances of the plant drying out. But always remember to make sure that the pot has holes, for the excess water to drain out.

In addition to containers, we may need pots of different sizes, potting soilwatering can and a shovel or a strong kitchen spoon.

Every plant has different needs. If we understand them, then growing them becomes a cake walk.

The location (where we place them) of plant is very significant. They can be grown indoors too.

Next, we must plan the type of plant to start with. If you are new to gardening, then start by planting flowers or herbs. These are easier to maintain and the fruit of our labor is sweeter and is more colorful 🙂

In the month of February, herbs like Cilantro, Oregano and Lavender are easy to grow. The vegetables to grow are Tomatoes, Spinach, Broccoli. You can start growing either by buying tiny plants or by sowing seeds, in which latter approach is preferred.














Here are some flowers I tried growing:

Yellow Kalanchoe Plants






Finally, we need to keep away the intruders. Our plants get attacked by pests and other bugs. There are many organic ways to protect the saplings.

Did you know? Gardening is also a way to promote our wellness and it helps bring peace. A study reveals that gardeners tend to eat more vegetables and fruits than non-plant growers. We can easily motivate our kids to help us in our garden, thus inculcating a healthy habit in them.

With so much benefits, what are we waiting for? Let’s go and start our little garden today. Do remember that, Gardening is a process with loads of trial and error. So, do relax and have fun!

Images Source: Pixabay and Creative Commons

Author: Mathangi KrishnaKumar

Mathangi Krishnakumar is originally from Tamil Nadu, India.  After completing her Bachelor’s degree in Electronics Engineering and working as a Software Engineer/Systems Architect in India for a few years, she moved to USA in 2015. She is passionate about her Career, Photography, Traveling and Baking. She currently lives in Phoenix, Arizona. Also, she loves reading good books and gardening!

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