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Screen-Free Activities #22 to #27

Activity # 22

Sight word matching. 

This helps the child with the following:

  • Identification of sight words.
  • Readiness to reading.
  • Preparation for first grade.

While doing worksheets with your children, don’t focus on presentation and how they draw the lines. The objective here is teach them identify sight words.
Slowly when they get confident we can teach them the rules to draw straight lines to match and the presentation of the paper.
The key is one thing at a time. I don’t want my child to feel overwhelmed.

For preschoolers – you can ask them to match capital letters to small letters.



Activity #23
Paper plate ball painting. 

  • Introduction to different sports.
  • Fun engaging activity.
  • Improves general awareness of sports.
  • While painting each ball, you can introduce rules, number of players, origin, locate countries.
  • popular, (map the country in the world map).

Painting has its own advantages such as below:
     .  Improves creativity
     .  Foundation for good handwriting.
     .  Helps Improve attention span.







Activity #24

Matching Rhyming words.

My 5 year old’s response:  It’s fun to draw mountains when we are doing matching activity!

  • Strong foundation to reading.
  • Blending of sounds to form words
  • Recognition of rhyming words.



Activity #25

Story Dice.

It’s fun to play with the story dice, one of my favorite picks.

  • Enhances creative thinking.
  • Vocabulary building.
  • Builds confidence.
  • Personality development.

My Rockstar’s story:
Once upon a time there was a girl. Her name was Gubacheez. She was bored at home and she started to read. After a while she went out to play Tennis. While she was playing a dog came near her. She got afraid. After sometime she was hungry, her mom made juice. She got more energy and went out to play deciding to be brave if the dog comes. She was proud that she was brave. The End 🙂



Activity #26

Doodle a Story.

Encourage your child to doodle their own story. It’s fun to hear the creative ideas that they come up with.
Doodling helps them express their ideas on paper. It promotes art, expression, vocabulary and fine motor skills.


Activity #27
Identification of color words and matching them with objects.

This activity was done when my Rockstar was 3.5 years old. It’s so much fun to learn colors.
Simple activity to learn color words.
Encourages sight reading.
Child learns to match the objects.


Author: Gayathri Vamsi, Founder of Buzzing Bees

Buzzing Bees is an Afterschool Enrichment Program founded by Gayathri Vamsi. Their center is located in Bangalore. Their motto is “Paata is Aata, Aata is paata”, meaning, “Learning is like a Game and Games have a lot of Learning”

Gayathri is passionate about Kids Education and Activities that offer a constructive and effective learning environment for kids. As a mother of two young boys,  she is constantly learning different ways of creatively engaging them in activities where they learn, grow and enjoy doing that,  at the same time. She homeschooled her kids when she lived in the US. Buzzing Bees is a venture where Gayathri extends her passion to become available to the community.

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