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Screen Free Activities #17 to #21

Activity #17
Look and find books, I spy books.

Look and find books, I spy books are widely available. These books are great!

My children and I are big fans of these books. They offer endless hours of fun and challenges. Also, they help with:
* Memory boosting
* Increasing attention span.
* Enhancing vocabulary.
* Improving problem solving skills.
* Hours of fun.







Activity #18

Magnatiles, Magnetic tiles, Magnetic building blocks for children.

This one set is something I gave a lot of thought before buying, whether to invest or not, but now, I must say, it’s totally worth it!!

* Endless hours of creative play.
* Hands on opportunity to build anything a child can imagine.
* Develop math, science, and fine motor skills.
* Stretches their imaginative abilities.
* Helps explore symmetry.
* Introduction to angles (older sibling is learning Angles at school :))

Creativity at his best..!! Quilt for his pet dog.





Activity # 19
Playing with Marbles

A Beautiful Vase filled with marbles sits in our dining room. My Rockstar wanted to explore. When he was inquisitive I didn’t want to say No.
He classified all of them based on color
Created different shapes using those cuties.
We learnt different properties of the shapes.

It offered:
* Fun learning environment
* Enhances creativity
* Excitement that he was playing with something else other than his toys.
* Almost an hour spent without any fuss.
* Since they were easy to move around, we observed how a square can be changed into a rectangle, How to make a circle into an oval, Remove one side of an hexagon and pentagon is formed.
* 2 triangles can be joined to form a square and 2 other type of triangles can be joined to make a diamond etc



Activity #20 Baking Almond Chocolate chip cookies.

My favorite place in my home is my kitchen. That’s me time, therapeutic for me and I enjoy making delicious and nutritious meals for my family.
Today,  it was even more special when my boys entered my kitchen to bake Cookies!

Rockstar enjoyed measuring the ingredients, mixing them and scooping the cookie dough along with his big bro, my Champ.

Today’s show was run by my Champ for his little brother. I was in the kitchen listening to their stories..!!!





Acitivity #21
Blocks and patterns

We have a whole bunch of wooden pieces in different shapes at home that were part of one of the games.
Today we used those shapes to create
beautiful flowers, tops, and so on…!!
* Fun engagement
* Enhances creativity
* No limits for imagination.
* Increases attention span.
* Develops hand and eye co-ordination.




Featured Image Source: Pixabay

Author: Gayathri Vamsi


Buzzing Bees is an Afterschool Enrichment Program founded by Gayathri Vamsi. Their center is located in Bangalore. Their motto is “Paata is Aata, Aata is paata”, meaning, “Learning is like a Game and Games have a lot of Learning”

Gayathri is passionate about Kids Education and Activities that offer a constructive and effective learning environment for kids. As a mother of two young boys,  she is constantly learning different ways of creatively engaging them in activities where they learn, grow and enjoy doing that,  at the same time. She homeschooled her kids when she lived in the US. Buzzing Bees is a venture where Gayathri extends her passion to become available to the community.

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